Bodegas Piqueras | Bodegas Piqueras covered in white
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Bodegas Piqueras covered in white

Last week the vineyards of ​Bodegas Piqueras were all ​covered in white​, by the first snowfall​ of the year​During days the snow kept piling up instead of melting as usual, and created an historically memorable situation not seen in the last 20 years.
Taken by surprise by the snow, many ​inhabitants decided to use their skis​ to move around the city. It was amazing!

On the way to the winery the ​sight and access​ became difficult. Bodegas Piqueras was totally covered in ​snow​! We needed professional assistance by the fire brigade​ to get the roads clear for the delivery of our brand new labeling machine, and making the preparation of the wine orders possible.

Almansa was one of the most affected towns in the province by the snow​. Schools were shut down, roads and railways were closed, and more than 25,000 people had no electricity in the province. ​It is a great thing that our vines can only take benefit from the snowfall during this time of the year, to continue the resting period and wait for the spring. ​

​These are some pictures from the historical event of heavy snowfall in Almansa.

Almansa covered in white


The vineyards of ​Bodegas Piqueras covered in white


The vineyards of ​Bodegas Piqueras covered in white


Almansa castle covered in white