Bodegas Piqueras | Bodegas Piqueras makes the move to DIAM corks
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Bodegas Piqueras makes the move to DIAM corks

Bodegas Piqueras is improving the quality of its wines with the adoption of the DIAM cork closure, enhancing the protection, consistency and adaptability of our product

Until recently, the cork stopper was something of an afterthought in the winemaking process. Many wineries regarded the interaction between cork and wine as inevitable. The constant search for improvements in methods of closure alongside ongoing problems with traditional cork closures, have again led to modernization and the introduction of new technology in Bodegas Piqueras.

The bodega is gradually doing away with natural cork in favour of screwcap and DIAM cork for its wines, methods of closure which are totally secure and enhance the quality of the wine. This innovation enables us to guarantee to consumers that they are enjoying the untainted fruit of the winemaker’s work, bottle after bottle and year after year.

Having been tested and approved by a number of international laboratories, DIAM is a new form of closure that blends the traditional wine cork with the effectiveness of artificial hi-tech options.

But the biggest breakthrough offered by DIAM corks to the wine industry is their immunity to “cork taint” (TCA), the chemical compound that makes wine taste “corked”. Thanks to an exclusive patented process of “de-aromatization”, DIAM closures are the only cork stoppers that are sensorially neutral. This means that the sensorial purity of the wine can be maintained, as well as the wine being preserved securely in the bottle for up to 30 years.

Although the use of these corks entails a higher cost compared to the traditional cork closure, as there are additional technical processes involved, Bodegas Piqueras prefers to go ahead with improvements like this that confirm our wines’ status as market leaders for both quality and reliability.