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Bodegas Piqueras, organic certification of its vineyards

Organic farming is a form of respect for the environment, taking care of the surroundings, valuing the biodiversity of our vineyards, and transferring it to each of our wines. Only through the sustainability of the ecosystem will we obtain healthy, tasty, ripe and quality grapes.

With our commitment to the self-sufficient, the natural, the ecological; we obtain organic and ecological wines, elaborated by means of organic and much cleaner cultivation techniques. We take certain measures to maintain biodiversity on our land:

– protection against plants and animals

– fertilization with natural products such as compost

– prohibition of toxic products such as insecticides and pesticides.

– protection of the soil with plant coverage

At Bodegas Piqueras we have the Denominación de Vino Orgánico certificate by Certifood, guaranteeing the traceability and organic status of the wine. All the stages of the wine production process are certified by an annual audit. In this audit, the facilities are inspected to verify the production process, the raw materials and the final product, as well as random sampling and multi-residue analysis.