You are currently viewing Talk by Luis Galindo in Almansa sponsored by Bodegas Piqueras

Talk by Luis Galindo in Almansa sponsored by Bodegas Piqueras

On 11 January Almansa had the pleasure of welcoming the great coach and motivator Luis Galindo. There was a full house at the Regio Theatre to hear his talk “Re-enthuse yourself: enthusiasm makes the difference”, by one of the best speakers in Spain.

Luis Galindo: a speaker with a style all his own

Luis Galindo is a pioneer of the practical application of positive psychology for businesses, business people, entrepreneurs, workers and work-seekers. He has over 30 years’ experience in management in a range of different national and international companies across a variety of sectors. He has given seminars at prestigious business schools and has been invited as a speaker to over 20 Spanish universities.

His very personal style of communication, with its energy and inspirational qualities, gives him a unique connection with the public, and has meant that he often receives invitations from business leaders who have attended his talks. Luis Galindo is committed to working towards re-enthusing Spain, and to this end he has set up the “Re-enthuse yourself” initiative based on the sharing on social networks of short messages relating to attitude and intelligent optimism.

Bodegas Piqueras sponsors the event

For 3 hours Luis Galindo set forward a model aimed at finding channels of improvement, both in the business sphere, for business people and entrepreneurs, and in the personal sphere, relating to living as a couple or getting on with one’s children. Luis Galindo urged that we learn from the past, enjoy the present and be enthusiastic about the future, reminding us that life has to be lived to the full, that we must be aware that each us chooses the attitude with which we travel through life.

This headline event was organized by the Almansa Town Hall through its Area for Local Jobs and Development and the Tourist Office. Bodegas Piqueras was one of the Almansa businesses whose backing and sponsorship made possible this big event in Almansa.

In the photo we can see Antonia Millán Bonete, councillor of economic development and jobs, and Juan Pablo, managing director of Bodegas Piqueras, with Luis Galindo and Angel, and Francisco Núñez Núñez, the Mayor of Almansa.