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GSM wines: a perfect match of Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah

GSM wines mix a selection of the best varieties of the Mediterranean grapes Garnacha (or Grenache) and Monastrell (or Mourvèdre) combined with the foreign Syrah. A perfect combination to obtain a smooth, round and easy to drink wine that stands out for being rich in dark fruit flavours and spices.

Many producers produce wines predominantly of Garnacha, and Syrah and Monastrell in smaller proportions. Any other variety is only a fraction of this well-known mixture, which originates in the southern Rhone region of France. This combination is specifically designed to introduce the particular essence of each grape to produce wines with an authentic and exclusive final result.

Characteristics of the GSM grape types in the Almansa area

Garnacha Tintorera

This grape is by far the most robust of the three. Garnacha brings cinnamon spices, red fruits and alcohol to the mixture. It is a type of grape that produces aromatic wines, of a very intense colour, with a high alcohol content, medium high body and good acidity.


Syrah brings the darker fruit flavours of blueberries, plums and even black olives, while adding freshness and elegance to the blend. The interesting thing about mixing with Syrah is that it adds a lot of flavour, but without being heavy. The wines made with Syrah are characterized by an intense violet colour, fruity aromas and a very pleasant, balanced and structured flavour.

Monastrell or Mourvèdre

The Monastrell grape brings GSM tannins, colour, length to the wine mix and especially the typical Mediterranean sweetness that marks the area of the Spanish southeast. It is a very rich dark wine, similar to Syrah, but with a more persistent finish. It produces fleshy, round red wines with a good alcohol content and a high amount of tannins.

GMS wines from Bodegas Piqueras

At Bodegas Piqueras we include a particularity to our GMS wines, unlike many other producers. And in our GMS combination, the grape variety we use is Garnacha Tintorera, which brings quality and authenticity, and a perfect reflection of the land where these wines are born.

Piqueras Gold Label: 70% Monastrell, 20% Garnacha Tintorera, 10% Syrah.

It is a soft and fruity red wine with a medium body, cherry red with subtle notes of vanilla and special wild herbs. Contains sweet tannins that preserve the fruity flavours on the palate.

Piqueras 100 years – Limited Edition: 25% Monastrell, 60% Garnacha Tintorera y 15% Syrah

This is an elegant and at the same time powerful wine on the palate with great structure, firm polished tannins and a very balanced acidity. It is fleshy on the palate with a persistent silky sensation. Touches of black spices, notes of intense smoked coconut, vanilla and cinnamon are very well integrated with the black plum, the forest fruits and very ripe grapes.