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Introducing our latest wine: El Picoteo

The latest, fruitilicious, summer-filled edition to our range – with summer looming and the flowers in full bloom, there couldn’t be a more perfect time for us to introduce the latest wine to our range.

Here at Bodegas Piqueras, we celebrate the summer, so let’s get together, crack open a bottle and spend quality time with friends:

El Picoteo.

For those who wish to while away the lazy summer days, relaxing with friends, enjoying Spanish Tapas and long afternoons in the garden, there is little that fits better than cracking open a bottle of El Picoteo, and sharing good times with good people.

We’ve designed this wine to be fresh, not only in taste but in attitude. The red, white, and rosé share common attributes of fruit, to fit perfectly with the grilled meats from the barbeque and to quench the thirst. Time to light up the barbeque, invite your friends over, and enjoy good food in good company with an easy, versatile wine that is sure to impress.

Summertime is a time for fun; so we wanted to make a wine which would be synonymous with enjoyment and entertainment. A wine that brushes off winter’s cobwebs and greets the sunshine with a fresh, fruity hit.

These three medium-bodied wines will help you welcome the summertime with open arms.

And best of all, El Picoteo is the perfect wine to go with a charcuterie board. So you can add a touch of Spain to your summer garden party with dips, mature cheeses, cured meats and sharp pickles, and El Picoteo will match them exquisitely.

Our vineyards are found in Almansa, in the very heart of Spain from vines at 700-800 metres, and grown using organic farming methods.

Come on, let’s take a sip!

The Red

The fine, juicy tannins of this wine are perfect for cured meats, so as your guests snack on the smoky sausages and cured cheeses as the afternoon begins, you can treat them to a Spanish red that will whisk them off to the Spanish sunshine.

And don’t let people tell you that reds are not for summer. Served slightly chilled, this wine is refreshing, fruity, and soft on the palate.

The White

With citrus notes, the El Picoteo medium-bodied white makes the finest accompaniment to grilled seafood and chicken. This makes it perfect for salads and rice dishes, adding twist of lime to your lunch.

The Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc grapes make a young wine, full of flavour, full of chutzpa, and that your friends will quaff with delight.

The Rosé

The deep blush of the El Picoteo rosé comes from the 12 hours of contact with the macerated skins, drawing color and aroma, to create the perfect balance between the body of the wine and its natural acidity.

The soft red fruit of our rosé matches perfectly with salad and rice, and is also a perfect wine to drink on its own.