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The new production method of our artisan wines

At Bodegas Piqueras we believe in the importance of constantly improving our processes, and especially when it comes to improving the quality of our wines. We are dedicated to producing wine through artisan techniques, but we like to add an innovative touch, allowing us to get better results, and by effect, better wines.

To do this, our oenologist Juan Pablo Cantos has recently introduced a new, complex process to our bodega which results in artisan wines of better prestige and better quality. The stunning results we’ve seen up to now are largely down to the grape selection, the origin of the grapes and the subsequent processes in which the grapes are fermented traditionally in open barrels.

This involves a painstaking process which our oenologist has spent years perfecting throughout his training to achieve the best wines at a very high quality.

How do we achieve artisan wines at Bodegas Piqueras?

The raw materials are fundamental. With these wines we are aiming to fuse the essence of the region of Almansa and offer a unique, authentic character which differentiates them from any other wine in the world.

At Bodegas Piqueras we work with the best grape varieties in the region: Monastrell, Tintorera y Syrah. Once we have selected the best terroirs, we harvest traditionally using baskets to keep the grapes from any bruising and get them to the bodega in the best condition; it’s as if we were taking them from the vineyard to the bodega by hand. This method of basket harvesting is used for smaller productions of high quality wines.

After harvest, the grapes then go through a refrigeration process to bring out the primary aromas without harming the grapes themselves. Following this, the grapes are then pre-macerated in the barrel in an inert atmosphere before they enter the alcoholic fermentation process. Finally, we use a post-maceration process which can last anything from 15 days to 3 weeks. The whole process means we achieve a fermentation using only the autochthonous yeast which resides in the skin of the grapes.

While a regular fermentation of wine takes 7-8 days, this new process can take up to 30 days, resulting in artisan wines of superior quality with more flavour and a more intense taste. After this, the wines are then aged for a minimum of 20 month to give them their personality and character.

The whole process is carried out using French Oak barrels which gives the wines their distinctive, traditional character typical to artisan wines. But there is a difference, though the process sticks to our traditional roots, with our more hygienic techniques, the wines are improved through controls that limit the chance of any contamination to the wine.

Open barrel artisan wines: for a superior result

The result is amazing and is notable with the very first taste of these wines: They have an authentic, defined character which you won’t find in any other bodega. Thanks to this new process, we are able to extract the very essence of the vineyards and fuse that character into the wine.

And it’s for this reason that, even though the process can be replicated in other places, these are artisan wines that are unique to our region. Our artisan wines are products that depend on the selection of the grapes and the personal touch of our oenologist who after years of experience has truly achieved a way to give personality to the end result.