Bodegas Piqueras | Philosophy
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In Bodegas Piqueras we bring passion to our winemaking. But we also take quality very seriously at every step of the winemaking process, and so we keep a close eye on everything. We have grown a lot in recent decades, but we pay the same attention to detail that we always have, without losing sight of the mystique of winemaking that it takes a good winemaker to understand.


We believe that a good wine is born in the vineyard, which is why we carry out meticulous plant selection, careful pruning, monitoring of vine health and overall quality control.


We have state of the art equipment and technology to help with grape picking, pressing, filtration, bottling and labelling, but to really listen to the wine, to sense its development, to create the perfect blend from each vintage, you can’t rely on automated procedures. We have to be right there on the spot, alert in body and mind, to choose the precise moment to harvest the grapes and make the wine, and to achieve this requires patience, being there, knowledge and a whole lot of passion.


You have to be humble in the face of nature and the factors that are beyond our control season after season. We aim high, but we never want to lose sight of where we come from and the lessons of those who came before us. Their spirit guides us to be true to the time-honoured ways of doing things, while at the same time incorporating new techniques and responding to the shifting tastes and trends of the younger generation and the market.


At Bodegas Piqueras we take care to adopt modern production and management methods that respect the environment and help to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Solar Energy

We use only renewable energy, thanks to the installation of solar panels on the roof of the whole winery. Over 8,000 square feet of solar panel surface produce 100 kWh, more than enough for our day to day needs.


Solar energy helps us to keep down production costs, while at the same time improving air quality and the environment in general. We have all the energy required for low-temperature winemaking and the cask maturation of wine in temperature-controlled cask halls without harming the environment.

Reduccing emissons
through logistics

To protect the environment further we use lightweight bottles and alternative packaging that cause less waste. For our recycled cardboard boxes we have lowered the weight to the minimum for separators and dividers so that the bottles are well protected while reducing the amount of packaging.


Whenever possible, we choose local suppliers in order to reduce the transport of deliveries to a minimum.


Plant life, insects and other wildlife coexist in harmony with the air, the sun and the earth in our vineyards, to form a rich biodiversity. The sheep grazing among the olive groves and vineyards leave their natural fertilizer for the plants and help to keep down the height of the vegetation. As a whole, it is an ecosystem that benefits all its components, further reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment.

El Aljibe

Natural irrigation

We do have irrigation in some parts of our land, but it is a natural system, devised hundreds of years ago. The cistern, a structure that dates back to Moorish times, collects rainwater which is in turn used for irrigation during periods of drought.

Organic Production

For some years now, all the grapes we grow are organic. As confirmation of our approach to cultivation and winemaking all our bottles are entitled to organic certification on the label. This certification confirms the fulfilment of a series of requirements relating to cultivation and production methods. The aim is to guarantee to our customers that they are enjoying a natural, organic wine with no trace of additives or chemicals.


Although we are organic, not all our wines are identified as such on the label. Unfortunately, there are commercial channels and points of sale that ascribe no added value to a product being organic, and as such there are markets in which we prefer not to include the organic certification on the label. Even so, you can be sure that all our wines are organically grown and produced, because that is how we have been growing our grapes and making our wines for many years.


We have always preferred to let mother nature speak for herself, and not to interfere with her by the use of intrusive treatments, preferring to use natural growing methods. That is why the certification process was straightforward for us, mainly confirming officially that we were going the right way about doing what we had always done.