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Piqueras Old Vines 2016, bronze medal in Decanter 2018 and Wine Challenge

Last year we received two distinctions with our wine Piqueras Old Vines 2016, one in the Decanter 2018, and another in the International Wine Challenge competition, with a bronze medal in both events.

old-vines-piquerasThe recognition of the quality of our Piqueras Old Vines for Bodegas Piqueras is a great source of satisfaction and pride, since both events are of great renown and international prestige.

The Decanter World Wine Award 2018 (DWWA) had its beginnings in 2004 and since then it has worked to have a great influence and international renown in the wine sector. The wines are organized for tasting by countries, regions, colours and other characteristics to ensure a fair competition between competitors. A jury composed of 275 people ensures this event is named each year as one of the largest and most prestigious in the world.

On the other hand, the British International Wine Challenge competition is considered one of the “most meticulous and rigorous” in the world. An organization of several hundred judges blindly judges more than 13,000 entries which are tasted in 3 rounds throughout the two weeks of the assessment.

The Garnacha Tintorera grape is the main foundation for the success of our Piqueras Old Vines 2016. Featured for its tasty body and deep colour with aromas of a wide range of dark fruits and fresh grass, delight those who try it with an incredible experience of the most Mediterranean style.