Bodegas Piqueras | PIQUERAS: number 1 Spanish wine in Finland
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PIQUERAS: number 1 Spanish wine in Finland

According to data provided by ICEX Spain Trade and Investment, Spanish wine continues its ascent in the Finnish wine sector, occupying third place behind Chile and Italy. Out of all this wine, the PIQUERAS Syrah-Monastrell sold as bag-in-box, is the bestselling Spanish wine and one of the top ten bestselling red wines in Finland. This is still more of an achievement for a wine sold in this type of container.

To enter this market, without much of a wine drinking tradition, and emerge as a market leader is quite something for PIQUERAS. Wine drinking habits in Finland are very different from those of southern Europe. If in countries like Spain or Italy wine is part of the daily routine, in Finland it is reserved for weekends and special occasions. This is changing nowadays, and Finns are starting to value wine as a consumer product to accompany meals. This is reflected in the increase in their presence at wine fairs and wine tasting.

It is worth pointing out that 18.2% of total red wine sales are of bag-in-box wines. The success of this form of container is more readily understood on studying the Finnish market. The price is lower and it is more environmentally friendly, while being longer lasting and more effective at keeping wine fresh and minimizing contact with air. For consumers without long-established wine traditions who are concerned about the environment, the qualities of bag-in-box as a container are self-evident.

The Bag-in-Box (BiB) was created over 50 years ago in the United States, but it was not until some years later that it took off, a long way from America, in Australia. It is easy to produce and to transport. It consists of three key features: a hermetically sealed bag that holds the wine; a pouring valve, that allows the contents to be dispensed; and the box itself. In short, it is a convenient, user-friendly product that encourages drinking in moderation.