You are currently viewing Bodegas Piqueras wines has been awarded 10 medals by the French magazine Gilbert & Gaillard

Bodegas Piqueras wines has been awarded 10 medals by the French magazine Gilbert & Gaillard

Bodegas Piqueras has again achieved important international recognition, this time at the hands of Gilbert & Gaillard, the leading French wine publication. Our wines were awarded four “Grand Gold” medals, five “Golds” and one “Silver” medal.

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Piqueras VS, “Grand Gold” and 92 points

This is the first time that our winery has been garlanded by this publication, just as it is the first time that we have sent our wines to its tasting. In all, every one of the ten samples that we sent, was awarded a medal. At the top of the pile stands the great score achieved by our Premium wine: Piqueras VS, won a “Grand Gold” and achieved a rating of 92 points. Castillo de Almansa Selección 2014, with 91 points, also picked up a “Grand Gold”, while Piqueras Old Vines Garnacha and El Abuelo Selección 2015 did their bit by achieving scores of 90 points. Juan Pablo Cantos, the winemaker at Bodegas Piqueras, highlights the performance of Piqueras VS, noting the excellent rating for one of the most important wines of the bodega, one which time after time earns rave reviews and popular acclaim at the contests in which it takes part.

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Prizes set a standard for the winery
For their part, our range of Valcanto wines (Syrah 2018, Garnacha Tintorera 2018 and Cabernet  Sauvignon 2018) won a “Gold” medal, alongside two other flagship wines from the bodega: Castillo de Almansa Crianza 2018 and Piqueras Wild Fermented Verdejo 2019. Last but not least,  Valcanto Monastrell 2018 was awarded a “Silver” medal.  Juan Pablo Bonete, the winemaker at Bodegas Piqueras, regards winning these prizes as “great news” and sees it as “motivation to strive to maintain this level in our wines so that we continue to achieve this sort of recognition”. Having said that, Juan Pablo Bonete emphasizes that while winning medals is “not an obsession”, they “set a standard” and “inspire us to carry on working with the same energy in the production of next year’s wines”.