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Garnacha Tintorera is the native grape of DO Almansa.
Unlike other red grape varieties, Garnacha Tintorera’s flesh is coloured by the high level of polyphenols it contains and creates a deep-coloured wine.
We use it for the production of unique, high quality wines, both single varietal and blends, in young and aged wines.


The Monastrell grape, also called Mourvedre in France, is one of the most important varieties for winemaking in Spain, due to its high alcohol content and tannin level.
We use it both in single varietals and in blends with other varieties such as Syrah, to create modern, high quality wines.


The Syrah variety is ideally suited to our area of Almansa. With it we make spicy wines, with lots of colour and flavour. We like to use it both in single varietal wines and for blends.
The strong colour of the skin that colours its white juice is perfect for making our rosé wines.


The latest vine extensions at Bodegas Piqueras are of Merlot, a grape that creates delicious and fine wines, fresh and with lots of red fruits.
We use it mainly for our young wines, in coupage with other grape varieties.


Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the best known red grapes in the world. Its cultivation is more recent in our area, but it is a variety that adapts well to our climate to produce wines with a strong colour.
It is a high quality grape, high in polyphenols and ideal for our full-bodied crianza wines.


The Tempranillo grape is the best known indigenous Spanish red grape worldwide.
It is famous for its fine tannins and its great versatility, being very suitable for both young and long-aged wines. Its cultivation is deeply rooted in the La Mancha area and we are fortunate to have several very old plots of this variety which we use mainly in coupages for the wines we age in wood.


Verdejo is perfect for white wines with volume on the palate. It is a grateful grape with which we make an aromatic and fresh white wine, in coupage with Sauvignon Blanc.


Our Sauvignon Blanc grape has high alcohol content and acidity. They produce elegant, dry, acidic and very aromatic wines, which we usually blend with Verdejo to obtain our young white wines.

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Traditionally, red wine has always been produced in our area, and throughout the Almansa DO. At Bodegas Piqueras we were the first in the region to plant white grapes. The varieties we use are international and noble varieties, which give great results in our lands.