El Abuelo Sparkling

GRAPE: 45% Macabeo – 30% Parellada- 25% Xarel·lo


Our Macabeo and Parellada are grown in mountainous areas at an altitude of 350 – 600 metres above sea level. The Xarel-lo grape, on the other hand, is grown at an altitude of 150 – 350 metres above sea level, as it is at this altitude that its particular characteristics are maximised.
The average annual temperature in our wine-growing area is 15 – 16 ° C, with an annual rainfall of 500 – 600 mm. Our soils have as their original material the sediments of the Gaià Massif, coming from the streams of the Bonastre block, presenting different degrees of stoniness and accumulation of calcium carbonate. On the slopes where the gradient is steeper, we find much younger soils, less evolved and developed directly on the limestone and shale.

VINIFICATION: The grapes are harvested by hand in mid/late August, starting with the Macabeo grape, continuing with the Xarel-lo and finishing with the Parellada in early October. Once in the winery, the grapes are carefully selected according to their health and the profile of the final product. Alcoholic fermentation is carried out in isothermal stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 16 °C to retain the primary aromas. The natural carbon dioxide is obtained by secondary fermentation with yeasts isolated by us in isobaric and isothermal tanks using the Charmat method. The temperature of the mousse is 13°C – 17°C, and the secondary fermentation lasts 21 days.

Tasting Note

Sparkling white wine, yellow in colour with greenish reflections. Its natural carbon dioxide, obtained at low temperature, can be appreciated by the formation of a fine ring of foam on the disc of the glass. Fruity, fresh, floral, with slight hints of aniseed. Fine, creamy and persistent perlage.


Perfect companion for meals, aperitifs and as a drink between meals. It goes perfectly with dishes such as grilled salmon, cooked scallops, chicken, pasta, rice dishes or a fresh summer salad.

Best served chilled, between 6 °C – 8 °C.